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2808 Lee St.,

Greenville, TX. 75402

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Blue Mesquite Grill Casual Dining

Your choice of one side - We also offer a variety of cheeses & condiments

Dinner Menu

Fried Jalapenos - Hand breaded jalapeno medallions crispy fried served with house made ranch dressing

Loaded Fried Jalapenos - Fresh cut fried jalapenos topped with our house queso then garnished with sour cream and bacon

Fried Pickles - Gourmet pickles breaded and deep fried with ranch dressing  

Spinach Dip - Our creamy spinach dip served with fresh fried potato chips

Fried Mushrooms – Hand breaded mushrooms with our ranch dressing

Chips and Salsa – Our house made spicy salsa served with fresh corn chips

Chips and queso – Our house made queso served with fresh fried corn chips

Appetizers Burgers

Classic - 100% Angus ground beef burger served with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and mustard or mayonnaise.

Bacon Cheese Burger - Our classic burger served with bacon and your choice of cheese with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and mustard or mayonnaise.  

Texan Burger - Cheddar cheese, fried jalapenos, topped with a fried onion ring, served with a house mustard, and house bbq sauce and bacon.

Southwest Burger - Our classic served with saute’ed jalapeno pepper slices and onions and our special Southwest sauce.    


Your choice of two sides - Toppings for your steak : Bleu cheese, saute’ed onions, or sauteed mushrooms

Ribeye - Well marbled, hand cut 12 oz steak, cooked to perfection, garnished with rosemary and garlic compound butter.

Flat Iron Steak - 8 ounce hand cut steak cooked the way you like it.

Grilled Beef Skewers - Cubes of marinated beef with seasonal vegetables and grilled as you like it.

Add four grilled shrimp

Chicken Fried Steak - Tender hand cut breaded & battered ribeye steak, fried to perfection and served with our own cream gravy.

House Entree’s

Your choice of two sides

Fried Chicken Strips - Hand breaded strips of chicken fried golden brown served with cream gravy.

Grilled Chicken – Tender lightly seasoned grilled chicken breast.

Grilled Shrimp – Farm raised shrimp grilled to perfection.

Fried Shrimp - 8 Farm raised shrimp, hand breaded and fried to perfection.

Fried Catfish – Farm raised catfish filets, hand breaded and fried.

Grilled Salmon – 8 oz salmon fillet.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken - Tender grilled chicken breast marinated in authentic spicy Hot Jamaican Jerk seasoning.

Caribbean Pulled Pork - pork marinated in house made marinade, smoked and slow cooked

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